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Iran Frees Three Jordanians Detained In Its Waters

Three Jordanian Fishermen And Embassy Staff In Tehran

Iran has released three Jordanians it arrested in December after they strayed into Iranian territorial waters in the Gulf, Jordan's foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

"Iranian authorities released the three Jordanians and handed them over to the acting charge d'affairs at the kingdom's embassy in Tehran," it said.

The three men were detained during a fishing trip from the United Arab Emirates late last year.

Jordan said last month that its embassy in Tehran had been notified that they would be released after paying a fine for straying into Iranian territorial waters and "illegal fishing".

The foreign ministry in Amman said the embassy would cover the cost of the fine and was working closely with Iranian authorities to organise the men's return home as soon as possible.

In January Jordan's foreign ministry said the three men, accompanied by Emirati and Egyptian friends, had entered Iranian waters "by mistake" during a boat trip on December 27.