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Iran's Former Queen Condoles Families Of Poverty Suicide Victims

Exiled Queen of Iran, Farah Pahlavi and the late Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Undated. File Photo.

In a statement on Thursday the exiled Queen Farah Pahlavi sent her condolences to the families of two Iranians who committed suicide due to poverty this week.

"With great regret, I was informed that fellow citizen Jahangir Azadi-Miyankouhi, a veteran of the eight-year war with Iraq [1980-1988], put an end to his life by self-immolation in front of the Martyrs Foundation in Kermanshah. Then there was the suicide of Omran Mohamadi-Roshan, an oil-well security guard, who hanged himself because his wages were not paid," the exiled Queen wrote in her statement.

Iranian social media users have shared the news of the suicides with criticism of the government and its failure to improve the conditions of low-income people at times of hardship worsened by the coronavirus epidemic.

All channels of the state television would be reporting these suicides if anything similar had happened in the remotest places in the United States, but sadly this happened in Iran [so no mention of them at all]," a Twitter user wrote.

In her message Queen Farah Pahlavi has stressed that the deeply tragic suicides is an indication that people have reached a point where they see no other choice than committing suicide.

"Only the government is responsible and should be accountable for falling in this abyss When helpless people prefer death to the life they have, and find the pain of death worse than the pain of life," she added.