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Angry Farmers Chant 'America Is Not The Enemy - The Enemy Is Right Here'

Iranian Farmers Furious Over Water Shortages - video grab
Iranian Farmers Furious Over Water Shortages - video grab

Reports received from Iran on social media say angry farmers again launched protests in Isfahan, central Iran on Friday, against “mismanagement of water resources”.

Hundreds of farmers from eastern parts of the province stormed the provincial capital, among them many women, chanting, “America is not our enemy, our enemy is right here”.

Reports say throngs of anti-riot forces with tear gas gear and buses equipped with water cannon faced the protesters.

Videos distributed on social media show a commander of security forces telling the protesters that Iran’s supreme leader ayatollah Ali Khamenei has dealt with all cases of corruption, while protesters shout in disagreement.

The commander says that other leaders of other countries, such as Benjamin Netanyahu have been implicated in corruption but the Islamic Republic has dealt with such cases.

This is the fifth time since the beginning of the new Iranian year on March 21 that farmers in Isfahan have marched against what they believe are corrupt and inept officials who have deprived them of their centuries-old water source; mainly water from the river Zayandeh Rud.

In one of their earlier protests the farmers swamped the Friday prayer in Isfahan on March 16 and turned their backs to the prayer leader, as they chanted, “Turning away from the enemy, eying the motherland.”

On April 13, the prayer leader chided the protesters, saying that repeated protests and their slogans shows that the protesters are after unrest and sedition.

According to one report, only 40 percent of the agricultural lands east of Isfahan received water last year. The total area is estimated to be a 100,000 hectars.