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Russian Air Defense System S-300 Displayed In Heart Of Tehran

People take a picture next to a Russian-made S-300 air defense system displayed on Baharestan square in Tehran, September 24, 2017

For the first time, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps displayed the S-300 advanced Russian air defense system in the heart of capital Tehran near the parliament building.

Iran has been celebrating the 29th anniversary of the end of the Iran Iraq war, with military parades and public gatherings.

The S-300 air defense system was displayed on Sunday, September 24, as part of the celebrations.

Iran had been trying to possess the $800 million system for 10 years but Russia was delaying the delivery due to the UN sanctions.

Finally, Russia began delivering components of the system in February 2017.

Iranian media have published photos and videos of the S-300 next to ballistic missiles Sejjil and Ghadr.

Tehran’s ballistic missile program is the focal point of criticism by the United States, its European allies and specially by Israel and some Arab countries. United States has described missile tests by the IRGC as a violation of the spirit of the 2015 nuclear agreement Iran signed with world powers.

Israel was also lobbying the Russian government for a long time not to sell Iran the S-300 system.

On Saturday, the IRGC announced that it had successfully tested Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile. Tasnim News Agancy called the Khorramshahr “Israel’s nightmare”. In a Tweet, U.S. President Donald Trump used the occasion to renew his criticism against the nuclear deal.

Last month, Mr. Trump signed a bill imposing penalties on those involved in Iran's ballistic missile program and anyone who does business with them. He also has said that he might renegotiate the nuclear deal or abandon it.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said recently that Tehran would react strongly to any “wrong move” by Washington on that issue.

Infographic - S-300 Russia Air Defense System
Infographic - S-300 Russia Air Defense System