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Members Of Parliament Confirm A Young Detainee Died In Custody

Iranian MP Mahmood sadeghi

Mahmoud Sadeghi, a reformist member of Iranian parliament, in a tweet has confirmed that one of those arrested during recent protests has died in prison. He has also warned against the repeat of prisoner mistreatment and deaths that occurred after the 2009 protests in Iran.

Sadeghi wrote that in a conversation he had with an intelligence official, “unfortunately, he confirmed the death of a detainee”. The Tehran MP then warned the president, security and judicial officials about the dangers of repeating the 2009 experience.

After his tweet, Sadeghi told a local news website that an intelligence source told him that the detainee had committed suicide, but demanded that parliament should officially investigate the incident. Currently, parliament is in recess.

A rights group, formed to follow-up on the condition of detainees, reported on Sunday that a young man aged 22, Sina Ghanbari has died in prison, but there were no other confirmations.

The group said that its source were other detainees who had been freed in the last few days.

Another member of parliament, Tayyebe Siavashi also said that officials told her the cause of death was suicide. But she added that she has informed the office of Speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani.

It is not clear exactly when the victim died.