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Iran Demands Release Of Tanker As Gibraltar Police Arrest Captain And First Officer

A handout picture released by the Ministry of Defence shows British Royal Marines taking part in the seizure of an Iranian oil tanker, Grace 1 in the early hours of July 4, 2019 off the Gibraltar strait. - Iran demanded on July 5, 2019 that Britain immedi

The Iranian government is demanding that the tanker Grace 1 seized on July 4 by Gibraltar authorities and Royal Marines be released. This comes a day after an alleged confrontation between the British warship HMS Montrose and Iranian vessels that were attempting to impede the tanker British Heritage from leaving the Strait of Hormuz.

According to Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi, “the release of the tanker is in all countries' interest."

Iran has repeatedly issued threats since the capture of the oil tanker in Gibraltar, with senior IRGC commander Rear-Admiral Ali Fadavi saying the United States and United Kingdom would “strongly regret” the seizure.

Mousavi didn’t stop at demanding the release of the tanker. “Foreign powers should leave the region because Iran and other regional countries are capable of securing the region," he said.

Meanwhile, authorities in Gibraltar have arrested the captain and chief officer of the 330-meter (1,000-foot) Grace 1 tanker on July 11.

According to the police, the two sailors were arrested after “"a protracted search of the vessel, where documents and electronic devices have been seized and examined."

Reuters, DPA