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Iran Court Sentences Well-Connected Businessman, Married To Movie Star

Yasin Ramin, a well-connected businessman and husband of a movie star is convicted to 7 years.

A court in Tehran on Sunday sentenced Yasin Ramin a well-connected businessman and an importer of medicine and medical equipment to seven years in jail, Fars news agency reported.

Yassin Ramin is the son of former culture minister Mohammad Ali Ramin, an ultraconservative who banned several publications in Iran under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and held an international conference attended by holocaust deniers in Iran in 2006.

Yasin Ramin is married to Iranian superstar Mahnaz Afshar who came under attack by hardliners over implicating a cleric for alleged involvement in encouraging Iranian women to enter into temporary marriage with visiting Iraqi militia.

Ramin's lawyer told reporters that his conviction is related to his financial dispute with the Iranian Red Crescent Society. However, he declined further information on the case, saying "Details of the case may do harm to his client's interests."

Fars reported that Ramin has been sentenced to 17 years in jail, but he has to spent only seven years based on Iran's Islamic laws. He also has to return up to two million Euros to the Iranian government.

Ramin is entitled to appealing against the verdict, the report said.

Fars later pulled the report, but other agencies continue carrying the news citing Fars as their source.

Ramin was jailed in 2016 based on a complaint made by the Red Crescent Society and spent about six months in jail before being released on bail. A Red Crescent official told the press that the case was about funds Yasin had received from the Society to import medical equipment, but he did not pay the seller.

Some Iranian media have also implicated Ramin in a case about importing contaminated powdered milk for babies, but the Red Crescent Society says such a case does not exist.