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Iran Closes Border Crossing With Iraq Citing 'Backlog' Of Export Goods

A border crossing is seen, between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan, October 3, 2017. File photo

The Iranian Customs Administration closed Soumar border crossing in Western Iran on Tuesday May 21, bringing export of Iranian goods to Iraq to a halt, Mehr news agency reported.

A statement issued by the Iranian Customs Administration orders transportation companies "To stop sending export goods to the Soumar border until further notice."

The Iranian Customs Administration has issued the statement reportedly after a huge backlog was built up at the border with Iraq.

However, the statement does not officially announce the reason for the closure of the border.

The backlog could indicate a problem with Iraq allowing Iranian goods to cross the border. In the past Iraq has indicated that it has to comply with U.S. sanctions against Iran, although some trade has continued.

Iran has several border crossings with Iraq and there is no news about commercial traffic at other border points.

Iran has tried hard in the last few months to save its trade with Iraq, which is the second largest export market for Iranian goods.

Concerns about the impact of U.S. sanctions may have resulted in the backlog in the customs and the closure of the border.