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Iran Claims Romania Has Not Shared Full Information On Death Of Fugitive Judge

Gholamreza Mansouri fled Iran last year after a big corruption case was launched.

The spokesman of Iran’s foreign ministry today has complained that Romanian has not provided full information on the death of a fugitive Iranian judge who died in mysterious circumstances in Bucharest June 19.

Abbas Mousavi said that there are “ambiguities” surrounding Judge Gholamreza Mansouri’s death and Romanian has still not responded to Iran’s requests for “transparency”.

Mansouti who was implicated in a major corruption case in Iran fled the country last year and information leaked out in early June that he was in Europe. While there were reports of his presence in Germany, he surfaced in Romania where the police briefly arrested him on June 12 apparently on an Interpol request. A court in Bucharest postponed his extradition and released him under police watch.

Mansouri was staying in a hotel waiting for another court hearing when he fell from the upper floors of the hotel in mysterious and yet not explained circumstances. Romanian authorities confirmed the immediate cause of death but are continuing their investigation to see if it was suicide, accident or murder.

Iranian officials have criticized Romania since the incident and Bucharest on June 23 summoned the Iranian ambassador.

Mousavi today stressed that Iran’s foreign ministry has received no new information except what the media have published.

However, an Iranian police official today told ILNA news agency he “cannot confirm reports that no messages have been received from Romanian police”. He was referring to rumors that there was another Iranian in the hotel where Mansouri died.