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Iran Calls New U.S. Sanction On Its Central Bank 'Old Sanctions Put In New Words'

Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi
Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has accused the United States of "arrogance, unilateralism and economic terrorism" in its reaction to the latest round of U.S. sanctions against Iran

Abbas Mousavi, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday September 21, however, that there is nothing new in these sanctions as "old sanctions have been put into new words," he said.

The latest U.S. sanctions affect Iran's Central Bank and its National Development Fund, which is the country's foreign currency reserve.

The sanctions also cover a company by the name of Etemad Parseh Trade Development Co., which the United States says is front company to channel funds to the Ministry of Defense.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had opined on Friday that "the new sanctions mark the end of U.S. policy of maximum pressure."

Mousavi also said that that the United States should accept that its sanctions against Iran have failed," but did not say how.

The new round of U.S. sanctions have been announced in the aftermath of the attacks on Saudi oil establishments last week. The U.S. blames Iran for the attack sbut Iran denies involvement in the strikes on Saudi Arabia.