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As Sanctions Bite, Khamenei Weighs In On New Budget

Iran -- Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani (L), Iranian President Hassan Rouhani(C) and Sadeq Larijani Head of Iran's Judiciary. File photo

President Hassan Rouhani's budget for the next Iranian year (beginning March 21) will not be delivered to Iran's parliament until amended on the basis of the Supreme Leader's demands, reporters were told by a parliamentary leader, December 12.

Immediately after meeting the heads of judiciary and parliament on Tuesday, Rouhani also announced that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has presented "guidelines" concerning the budget bill.

"The ways to implement the guidelines were debated at the special session of the heads of three powers of the government," Rouhani said, adding that the bill might be amended to meet Khamenei's demands.

It is not yet clear what amendments Khamenei has put forward.

The budget bill was scheduled to be delivered to parliament on December 16, but it is now pending Khamenei's approval.

According to Iran's constitution the Supreme Leader has the final say in all state matters, even indirectly overriding legislation.

Iran is in the grips of an economic crisis, compounded by heavy sanctions imposed by the United States.

The country mainly depends on oil income to finance its government operations and now its fossil fuel exports are halved as a result of U.S. sanctions.