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Iran Calls Bahrain Terrorist Allegations ‘Baseless’

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi speaks during a press conference in Tehran, on Monday August 7, 2017.

The Spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry Bahram Ghasemi has lambasted the latest allegations against Tehran to come out of Bahrain as “baseless and ludicrous” on August 25.

A day earlier, Bahraini Gulf News reported that a 10-member cell suspected of carrying out terrorist activities had been busted by Bahrain’s security forces.

“The cell is headed by a 31-year-old leader of Saraya al-Ashtar, the terror wing of Al Wafa Islamic Movement, Bahrain’s Interior Ministry said in a statement.

“The leader, whose nationality had been revoked, is a fugitive in Iran sentenced by courts in Bahrain to life in prison in three cases and 15 years in jail in another case,” Gulf News maintained.

Saraya al-Ashtar’s leader is reportedly involved in founding and controlling terror cells and planning terrorist acts against policemen. The ministry added that he had strong ties with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and the terrorist Murtadha Al Sindi.”

Furthermore, Gulf News cited Bahraini security officials as saying that the seven members in police custody include a 34-year-old female teacher who hid the explosives and her brother’s Kalashnikov in the village of Malkiya prior to his arrest.

Bahrain’s Interior Ministry statement also said the police are searching for the other two suspects, both drivers, aged 25 and 26.

In response to the reports, Ghasemi fired back, saying, “Iran has never promoted violence or destabilizing measures in neighboring countries, including Bahrain.”

Meanwhile, Ghasemi advised Bahraini officials “to abandon their failed security tactics, put an end to calling upon foreigners for assistance, and stop repressing the peaceful protests in the kingdom.”

Iran has repeatedly denied allegations of Tehran’s interference and meddling in internal affairs of Arab countries in the southern part of the Persian Gulf.

Bahrain and Kuwait frequently assert they have arrested subversive and terrorist suspects affiliated with Iran.

Less than two weeks ago, Kuwait’s Interior Ministry said that after a week-long search and investigation, 12 members of a group affiliated with Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah were arrested in the country.