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Islamic Republic Security Forces Arrest Seven Baha’is

A slogan "Death to Baha'is scribbled on the gate of a house belonging to a Baha'i in Iran. File photo

Iranian security forces have arrested seven followers of the Baha’i faith in Bushehr, in Southern Iran, the International Baha’i Community has announced on Tuesday February 15.

The community added that there is still no news of the charges brought against the detainees whose whereabouts after arrest remains unknown.

The Human Rights Watch in its latest annual report has once again accused the Iranian Judiciary and security forces of violation of human rights and exercising social discrimination against Iranian Baha’is.

The report added that 92 Baha’is are in jail Iran.

Meanwhile, a new Freedom House report also pointed out several cases of suppression and violation of human rights in Iran, adding that the Iranian government has been seriously prosecuting the Baha’is as well as Muslims who are members of sects other than the official line of Shiism.

In January, reports from Iran indicated that shops and businesses belonging to Baha’is had been shut down and sealed in Tabriz in north-eastern Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been repeatedly charged with violation of human rights.

The ruling regime in Iran does not officially recognize the Baha’i faith as a religion.

According to the International Baha’i Community, the followers of this religion have been constantly prosecuted, harassed and murdered in Iran since its advent between 1844 and 1920.