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Iran Admits Flood Relief Tents Sold On The Internet

People are seen sheltering at a stadium in Red Crescent tents after a flooding in Golestan province, Iran, March 24, 2019.

Iran’s Deputy Prosecutor General for cyberspace has confirmed that “profiteers” are selling Red Crescent disaster relief tents meant for free distribution among flood victims on some websites.

The official government news website, IRNA quoted Javad Javidnia as saying, “A lot of these kinds of problems and violations also existed in the past, but today engaging in fraud online has led to transparency and has made it possible to stop profiteers from taking advantage”.

As floods have devastated large parts of Iran for more than two weeks, ads appeared on some websites selling Red Crescent tents, which are marked “Not for Sale”.

There has been a lot of popular anger, protests against authorities for the way the disaster has been handled. In some instances people in flood-hit areas have even clashed with security forces and mocked visiting dignitaries.

The advertisement for selling tents has been reportedly stopped and the Red Crescent has announced that disaster relief tents and other aid items are not for sale and will be distributed for free among families affected by the floods.