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Iran Activists Criticize Tehran For Signing Controversial Caspian Legal Regime

Presidents of the five Caspian Sea counties in their summit meeting in August 2018. File photo

More than 100 Iranian political activists have criticized the Islamic Republic of Iran in a statement issued on the first anniversary of signing the Caspian Sea legal regime.

Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan signed the document in August 2018, but since then the Iranian government has been constantly criticized for compromising Iran's rights.

The statement by Iranian activists said: "It appears that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made the Iranian leader agree with the new legal regime by exerting his influence on the Islamic Republic."

The activists charged that the agreement violates Iran's sovereignty and integrity.

Many Iranians on social media have said during recent days that Iran's 50 percent share of the Caspian Sea has been reduced to under 20 percent in the new agreement.

However, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said after signing the document last year, that the agreement has not been finalized yet and needs to be ratified by the Iranian Parliament.

A recent summit between Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan was postponed but the activists believe Tehran has already made too many concessions in the Caspian.