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We Are Aware of People’s Livelihood Problems, Says Khamenei

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gestures during a meeting with religious poets in Tehran, March 8, 2018.

Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has insisted on Thursday, March 15, that he was “aware of people’s difficulties in making ends meet”, but “these problems are not insurmountable.”

Khamenei was speaking on March 15 at a meeting with the influential Assembly of Experts.

Khamenei made his remarks at a time when scores of sociologists, economists and political activists have cautioned against the reoccurrence of mass unrest.

Prominent economist Masoud Nili, an advisor to President Hassan Rouhani, was one of the whistle blowers insisting that the protests that overwhelmed Iran in December and January could “reoccur and spread” if the government fails to win the nation’s confidence.

In a March 14 interview Nili said that continuing economic reforms without the public’s trust in the government would be “dangerous.”

He stressed that Iran’s top priority should be “to revive hope and social capital.”

Analyzing the protests that spread to more than 100 Iranian cities and towns, Nili said, “Those demonstrations were a warning that more widespread protests might be on the way. Next time, you [the regime] may not have the chance to control them.”

During December-January widespread protests, demonstrators chanted slogans against both factions of the Islamic Republic’s system, conservatives and reformists, who have ruled Iran for almost four decades. The protests left more than 25 killed, while thousands more were arrested.

In his remarks Khamenei promised to comment on people’s economic problems in the future.

“Of course, we are aware of the livelihood difficulties and other problems of our people, but I believe in no unsurmountable problem for the country. I will speak to the people about these matters soon.” Khamenei affirmed.