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International Call Rates In Iran More Than Redouble

A mobile phone repairman in Tehran. Iran. File photo
A mobile phone repairman in Tehran. Iran. File photo

Iran's Deputy Minister of Telecommunications Hamid Fattahi said on Monday May 20 that the rate of international calls from Iran has risen up to 2.5 times the previous rate.

Fattahi said call charges rise as a result of the hype in the rates of exchange., but he did not mention when the rate hike went into effect.

Iran's national currency devaluation has been a continuing trend, unusually worsening since 2017, when it became apparent the United States intended to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear agreement. The currency has lost its value four-fold since the beginning of 2018.

Many goods and services have become more expensive in Iran, including food and airline tickets.

Fattahi claimed that the rates for international calls have increased in other countries too.

He added that Iran's Telecommunications Company uses foreign currency at the black-market rates for international calls.

The cost of international calls had already risen once in October 2018.