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Intelligence Min Demands Outspoken Lawmaker Not To Go Against 'National Interest'

Mahmoud Sadeqi, Tehran's outspoken representative in parliament. FILE PHOTO

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has sent a letter to the Speaker of Parliament demanding that outspoken lawmaker Mahomoud Sadeqi (Sadeghi) be prevented from engaging in moves “against national interests”.

A member of parliament’s ethics commission disclosing that the letter was sent about ten days ago, said that his group was tasked to review the case.

Sadeqi, who belongs to the reformist faction of parliament has been outspoken in his criticism of hardliners and the intelligence community in the past, but since the mid-November protests he has intensified his attacks. In early December, he complained that the parliament has ceased to be an effective power in the country and intelligence organs have been dictating to the legislature what positions to take.

Sadeqi also criticized the state-controlled TV for not allowing any criticism of the government's decision to be voiced. He warned that that dissent in Iran is still there like a fire under the ashes as the government has failed to convince the nation.

Sadeqi has also condemned the practice of forced confession by the Intelligence Ministry and reports last week said he was threatened by a lawsuit. However, it appears the Intelligence Ministry sent a letter to parliament instead of suing the lawmaker at court.