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Imagery Shows Iran Tanker Damaged And Spilling Oil

In this photo taken on Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019, and released by the official news agency of the Iranian Oil Ministry, SHANA, shows damage by missiles that allegedly struck the Iranian oil tanker Sabiti, in the Red Sea.

New photos and aerial imagery published show the Iranian tanker which was reported to have been hit on October 11 in the Red Sea has two large holes on its hull and is still leaking oil.

Initially, Iranian media reported on Friday that one its large oil tankers named Sabiti was attacked by two missiles 60 miles off the coast of Saudi Arabia and caught fire. Later, contradictory information emerged in Iran denying there was a fire or missiles were used in the attack. Iranian officials claimed same day that the tanker was stable, not leaking oil and returning to Iran.

New imagery published by al-Arabiya show a trail of oil spillage for tens of miles. TankerTrackers has also published photos showing significant oil spills on the trail of the tanker, which was reported to be moving at normal speed.

So far, no independent sources had confirmed damage to the tanker, which has a capacity of one million barrels and was reportedly sailing to Syria when the incident happened.

One of the holes on the tanker has almost a square shape, which would not be compatible with a missile impact, but could be the result of a different type of explosion.

Iran has not accused any particular country for the reported attack.