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Hillary Clinton Says Iran Crackdown 'Disturbing' And Asks For 'Accountability'

Hillary Clinton - File photo

Hillary Clinton has weighed in on Iran protests and the violent crackdown against protesters by the Islamic Republic that has killed at least 138 people.

In a tweet November 22, the former secretary of state and presidential candidate Clinton has called reports about casualties in Iran “disturbing” and has asked for “investigations and accountability”.

It was during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department when stringent international sanctions were imposed on Iran in 2011, demanding Tehran negotiate limits on its nuclear program. The sanctions led to the start of negotiations between Iran and world powers in 2013, which eventually led to the signing of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement.

President Donald Trump and his administration have already voiced deep concern over events in Iran since November 15, when widespread protests erupted after the government raised gasoline prices.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also on November 22 raised the issue of accountability from the Islamic Republic and its officials in a statement, also sanctioning Iran’s telecommunications minister for shutting down access to the Internet.