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Health Official Says Iran Has Imported Chinese Coronavirus Medication

People wearing protective masks shop at a pharmacy in the capital Tehran, February 24, 2020

An official of Iran’s Food and Drug Organization said Saturday that constituent parts of a drug to fight coronavirus have arrived from China.

Ali Razazan told the official government news agency IRNA the drug has been used in China and the material is now in customs and once released “the medication can be produced within two days”.

Razazan has not revealed the name of the drug and has only said, “it is an independent anti-viral medicine tested and produced in China that can help in treating people suffering from COVID-19”.

Currently, world health officials say there is no therapeutic drugs known to be effective against coronavirus and many countries are trying hard to see which existing medication can be help in treatment of patients.

There have been no reports of a Chinese drug that can treat COVID-19. There have been reports of a Japanese influenza medication that Japanese media say seems helpful to patients.

Razazan told IRNA that a scientific board will decide whether to mass produce the Chinese drug and if it will be used in combination with other medications.