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Greek Anarchists Target Iranian Embassy In Athens

A photo taken on September 17 shows a broken window in a police booth in front of the Iranian Embassy in Athens.

A group of anarchists has attacked the Iranian Embassy in Athens to protest Tehran's treatment of its Kurdish population, Greek authorities say.

Police officials said that about 10 people armed with iron bars early on September 17 smashed windows in the embassy’s waiting room and threw red paint into the courtyard.

Nobody was reported hurt in the attack. About ten assailants on their motorbikes immediately left the scene after the attack. Nobody has been arrested for the attack so far, Greek Reporter cited police as saying.

In a statement posted on the Internet, the anarchist Rubicon group claimed it carried out the attack in a gesture of solidarity with the "Kurds of Iran."

The group has carried out a series of similar attacks in Greece in recent years, targeting embassies, companies, and public buildings.

Meanwhile, during his press briefing today, Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Bahram Ghassemi, said that he has not yet been informed about the details of today’s attack.

Following the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) missile attack on the headquarters of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) in northern Iraq, Iranian embassies in Paris and Helsinki were targeted by angry demonstrators last week.

The country’s Foreign Ministry accused French police of failing to respond quickly.

Meanwhile, several mainly Kurdish populated cities in western Iran have gone on strike to protest the attack and recent execution of three young Kurdish political activists in Iran.

Members of Iran’s Kurdish minority live mainly in the west and northwest of the country. Human rights groups say are facing discrimination and human rights abuses from the Iranian government.