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Governor Fired For Traveling Abroad As Floods Devastate His Province

A man with a small girl, flood in Mazandaran, March 2019 floods

Iran’s vice president has fired the governor of a northern province gripped by a massive flood, for being on a foreign trip and not returning to manage the disaster emergency.

Es’haq Jahangiri, Hassan Rouhani’s vice president made the move as the government is being blamed for inaction in the face of floods in northern provinces, especially in Golestan, bordering Turkmenistan.

The former governor, Manaf Hashemi was in Europe for a few weeks prior to the disaster and failed to return to Iran to coordinate the emergency, as thousands of people are said to be stranded in inland seas created by the floods.

The absence of the governor and the inaction of the central government, has led to a big public outcry on social media.

Iran has been suffering from severe drought in recent years, but torrential rains and subsequent floods have affected several provinces. It is yet to be seen if floods can be managed to resupply water reservoirs.

The number of casualties is not clear but at least more than ten people have lost their lives.

The weather center in Iran has warned people of a new storm approaching the region.