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German Intelligence Chief Warns Of Cyberattacks by Iran, Russia And China

German domestic intelligence chief, Hans-Georg Maassen, takes part in the Potsdam Conference on National Cybersecurity, in Potsdam, May 4, 2017

Germany has voiced concern about increasing cyberattacks from Iran, Russia and China.

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency Bfv, Hans-Georg Maassen told the reporting network Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland that the "quantity and quality of cyber campaigns staged by foreign intelligence services has been on the rise" this year.

The three countries have long been suspected of being regular sources of cyberattacks and hacking activities; both at the governmental level and individual criminal activity. The United States and European countries have repeatedly complained of specific attacks originating from these countries.

Maassen warned that the intelligence services of Russia, Iran and China might be involved in the new wave of attacks against Germany.

"Our democracy does not end in the analogue world," Maassen warned. "We also have to be defensive in cyberspace."

Maassen did not only express concern about Germany but also other countries, saying that governments and the private sector needed to update their cybersecurity measures based on the existing heightened threat.

Based on reporting by DPA