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Former Revolutionary In Iran Blames Khamenei For Protests, Calling Him A 'Tyrant'

Iranian protesters gather around a burning car during a demonstration against an increase in gasoline prices in the capital Tehran, on November 16, 2019.

A former revolutionary and ex-ally of the Islamic Republic Supreme Leader, Abolfazl Qadyani (Ghadyani), has held Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directly responsible for an overnight three-fold increase in gasoline prices in Iran.

The increase is the outcome of Khamenei's dictatorial and narcissistic position, Qadyani, 73, says in a statement published on Tuesday, November 19.

The price hike led to widespread protests and the use of lethal force by the Islamic Republic, killing at least 106 protesters, according to Amnesty International.

Renowned for not mincing his words, Qadyani has described the Islamic Republic Supreme Leader as a "tyrant" who is resolved to carry on his destructive internal, regional, and international policies.

Since 2018, Qadyani has repeatedly called for Khamenei to step down and he was summoned to court, but the regime refrained from his arrest.

Describing the suppression of protesters across Iran as a "crime", Qadyani has reiterated that Khamenei is responsible for the bloodshed and should be held accountable.

Qadyani lives in Iran and is willing to take the risk to directly attack Khamenei. He was taken to court in 2019 and convicted to three years in prison for his criticism, but the regime decided not to put him in jail. He was ordered to read three pro-revolution and Islamic Republic books, one praising Khamenei, and copying them by hand. This is considered a punishment in Iranian elementary schools for pupils who disrupt the classroom.

While blaming President Hassan Rouhani and his administration for being a "tame and obedient tool" manipulated by Khamenei, the veteran revolutionary has asserted that the Islamic Republic Supreme Leader is an "ambitious dictator" resolved to keep away from any sort of detente.

Abolfazl Qadyani, 21 February 2018
Abolfazl Qadyani, 21 February 2018

However, Khamenei's insatiable thirst for power, Qadyani has argued, is the regime's Achilles heel, as well.

The Islamic Republic Supreme Leader is adamant in pursuing his destructive ideas, Qadyani affirmed in his statement.

"Khamenei is scared of taking any step back from his dictatorial position since he believes he will lose his grip on power," Qadyani says.

According to Qadyani, people of Iran are perfectly aware of the fact that increasing the price of gasoline is a prelude to a new round of hiking prices and inflation.

In the meantime, people are asking why they have to carry the burden of economic and political mismanagement, Qadayni says, noting, "Khamenei is against any change in the country's foreign policy since he believes that rapprochement with the world only leads to his downfall."

Moreover, while expressing his condolences to the relatives of the victims of recent protests across Iran, Qadyani has also cautioned the security forces, "The military and police forces, as well as plainclothesmen involved in suppressing protesters should know that they will also be responsible for the bloodshed and soon held accountable."