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For A Second Day Syria Reports Suspected Israeli Attacks

A picture taken on July 23, 2018 from the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights shows Israelis looking out across the border watching as warplanes backing a Syrian-government offensive carry out air strikes in the southwestern Syrian province of Daraa.

For a second consecutive day on Saturday Syrian state media reported Israeli attacks on targets in the south of the country.

Saturday evening, Syria said “unidentified objects” had entered the country’s airspace from Israel but did not provide any details. The state news agency SANA only said that Syrian air defenses intercepted the the objects in Quneitra, bordering Israel.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Israeli warplanes fired missiles in Quneitra, targeting Syrian forces and their allies, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah.

Israel almost always refrains from commenting on attacks in Syria.

Israel has attacked targets in Syria hundreds of times in the last three years, targeting mainly Iranian forces and their allies such as Hezbollah. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that Israel will never allow Iran to gain a permanent foothold in Syria and pose a threat to his country.

Syria on Friday also reported about “hostile objects” entering its territory in Quneitra. Israel has emphasized in the past that Iranian forces and their allies should stay away from its border regions.

There were other attacks against Iranian targets in the past few weeks.

Reporting by DPA