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Flamingos, Other Wildlife Return To Iran Wetlands

Flamingos in Isfahan, Iran, IRNA photo, May 11, 2019
Flamingos in Isfahan, Iran, IRNA photo, May 11, 2019

Migratory flamingos have returned to wetlands near Isfahan, central Iran, following substantial rainfalls in the area, reported official news agency IRNA on Saturday May 11.

IRNA quoted an Iranian environmental agency officer as saying that the flamingos' comeback to Gavkhouni wetlands was simultaneous with the forgotten visit to the area by several other species of migratory birds such as wild ducks, sea sparrows, and pelicans.

The official said that the birds have returned to Isfahan after two years as rains replenished vegetation in the area.

He said the migratory birds include about 100 to 150 flamingos.

A prolonged drought in various parts of Iran, including the area surrounding Isfahan, had kept migratory birds away.

Gavkhouni is one of Iran's 19 internationally recognized wetlands. It is less than 150 square kilometers wide and its location is some 140 kilometers southeast of Isfahan where the river Zayandeh Rood ends.