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Female Parkour Athlete Arrested For Appearing In Romantic Images With Companion

Alireza Japalaghy, a parkour athlete arrested for violating Islamic rules. FILE PHOTO

Following the arrest of a parkour athlete in Tehran, the Iranian capital’s police announced the detention of his female companion who appeared with him in a video and photos seen by the authorities as a violation of Islamic Republic’s dress code and morality restrictions.

The police announced the arrest of the young female, but no official source has released her name.

Alireza Japalaghi a popular athlete on social media had released a video in mid-May showing him and his companion doing parkour exercises on rooftops. The female’s body and skin were visible and at times it appeared they kissed.

On May 18, his brother revealed that police had detained Japalaghi.

The police called the video and the kissing scene a “crime”, according to Islamic rules enforced in Iran. Further, according to ISNA news website, the police claimed the behavior “would be considered a crime in any society”.

The police in a statement also attack those who have criticized the detention, saying that some people create a negative atmosphere to further their personal agendas. This might be reference to criticism by the critics of the regime.

Some Iranian have ridiculed the police announcement about the arrest of the female parkour athlete, saying that numerous crimes by religious zealots, including throwing acid at women have gone unpunished, but law enforcement is quick to arrest someone who has violated the Sharia rules.