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Farmer Reported Killed By Security Forces In Iran Flood Region

The image of the farmer who was reportedly killed in a clash with IRGC security forces and a screen grab from a video said to show the clash. April 3, 2019

The news about the death of a flood victim because of violence used by the military was confirmed one day after Iran’s Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) had denied any clashes had taken place.

A reputable Iranian human rights organization, the Abdorrahman Boroumand Center reported April 4 that Abboud Jalizi, a farmer in the oil-producing Khuzestan province had died in hospital because of injuries he had sustained the previous day.

The report said that Jalizi was injured when the military tried to divert flood waters from the town of Sousangerd toward nearby villages and fields. Farmers began protesting and security forces began firing assault rifles.

Government controlled ISNA news outlet then quoted IRGC Spokesman Ramazan Sharif who denied any clash with flood victims in Khuzestan.

A video published on social media showed commotion at night time in what was said to be the Sousangerd area. Security personnel are seen in the video firing toward a group of people at a distance, but Radio Farda could not verify if it was from that particular incident in Sousangerd.