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'Disguised as Homeless, Iranian Exporters Pocketed Billions'

-- Iran chamber of commerce, industries, mining, and agriculture, undated.

In a letter to the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), the head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Gholam-Hossein Shafeie, requested the names of the people the governor had referred to as "cardboard-sleeping exporters."

Homeless people in Iran are generally described as cardboard-sleepers or those who live in a carton.

Shafeie,asked for the names of the businessmen who have not returned seven billion dollars of their foreign deals to the country, seventy of whom were under the guise of homelessness.

According to Shafeie, the names of 250 offending exporters have already been reported to the Judiciary.

CBI Governor Abdol Nasser previously shared that exporters disguised as homeless people had acquired "disposable business cards" and become involved in exporting goods from Iran.

Since July, Iranian government officials have been urging the judiciary to prosecute offending exporters. 20 billion euros (about $23.5 billion) of export-related hard currency have not returned to the country, they revealed.

Iran's Central Bank Governor Abdolnaser Hemmati claimed in July that the Iranian judiciary would summon the exporters who have not transferred their foreign currency earnings to the government FOREX system.

Also in July, a lawmaker and member of the parliament's Planning and Budget Committee, Mohsen Zanganeh, said exporters had kept $20 billion earned from exports outside the country. According to Zanganeh, exporters say they need the government to give them certain guarantees before transferring the currencies back to Iran.