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China, Iran Meet Amid Efforts To Preserve Nuclear Deal

File photo: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif delivers a speech during the 55th Munich Security Conference in Munich, February 17, 2019

The foreign ministers of China and Iran are meeting amid efforts to preserve the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

China's Wang Yi met in Beijing on Tuesday with Mohammad Javad Zarif, who's leading a delegation that includes parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani and the ministers of finance and petroleum, as well as the CEO of Iran's central bank.

Germany, Britain, France, China, Russia and the European Union have been trying to preserve the 2015 deal meant to keep Tehran from obtaining a nuclear weapon after the unilateral withdrawal of the U.S. last year.

Zarif told the Munich Security Conference on Sunday a barter-type system known as INSTEX set up last month by France, Germany and Britain to skirt direct financial transactions with Iran and thereby evade possible U.S. sanctions isn't enough.