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Chicken Prices Soar In Iran

Iran -- A cook grills chickens in a shop in Tehran, 19Oct2012

Iranian media reported an overnight 52 percent increase in chicken prices in the country on Monday, with the Islamic Republic's Radio News Agency announcing, "Chicken is flying away from Iranians' dinner tables."

On Sunday, the chicken price was about 230,000 rials (about $5.46 at the official rate), compared to 350,000 ($8.31) per kilogram on Monday, proof of a significant increase.

Hassan Darvishian, the head of Iran's General Inspection Organization, told the Supreme Council of the Judiciary last Monday that "lack of livestock inputs" and "no increase" in producing day-old chickens were the main reasons for the soaring prices.

According to the daily Jam-e Jam Telegram Channel, the price of chicken was 120,000 rials (about $2.85) per kilogram in April this year, increasing to 170,900 in July and 230,000 in November.

In an interview with Kurdish citizens, Iran's monopolized state-run national radio and television network, Seda va Sima, quoted them as saying, "We could no longer afford even to buy chicken."

Livestock Logistic Affairs Company CEO, Mohammad Reza Talaei said that the increase in chicken prices was due to a "short-term gap in production" and that "based on the hatcheries' reports, the price of chicken will be balanced within ten days."

Talaei also claimed that 300 tons of fresh and frozen chicken are to be distributed daily in different provinces of the country at 185,000 rials per kilogram for fresh birds and 150,000 rials for the frozen product.