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U.S. Man Convicted Of Conspiring To Behead Blogger Over Muhammad Cartoon Contest

Among other things, David Wright was convicted of plotting to behead blogger Pamela Geller (pictured, file photo)

A court in the northeastern U.S. city of Boston has found a 28-year-old man guilty of conspiring to behead a conservative blogger over a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest.

David Wright was convicted on October 18 of conspiracy to commit acts of international terrorism and supporting the Islamic State (IS) extremist group for a 2015 plot to attack police and behead blogger Pamela Geller, who organized a "Draw Muhammad" cartoon contest.

Many Muslims consider cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad offensive.

Geller, who organized the Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas, said she meant it as an exercise of free speech.

Wright was accused of planning the attack with his uncle and a friend.

The plan was discovered when the uncle said he had lost patience with the plot and decided he wanted to kill police officers instead. He was shot dead when he pulled a knife as officers tried to question him in a supermarket parking lot.

Wright faces a maximum sentence of life in prison when he is sentenced on December 19.

Evidence was presented in court showing that Wright had viewed online propaganda from Islamic State and that he had vowed to join the extremist group.

Evidence also suggested Wright had been in touch with IS members in Syria.

Wright, who testified he did not intend to harm Geller and that he had been living in a "fantasy world," said he was only engaging in role-playing games.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP