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Bill To Prevent Violence Against Women To Be Finalized After A Five-Year Wait

For the first time, some Iranian women were allowed to be present at the stadium during Iran-Bolivia friendly match on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

Iran's Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raeesi says officials in a meeting last week have discussed the Iranian Parliament's bill to prevent violence against women. However, he added it takes a few weeks before the bill is finalized.

The bill to prevent violence against women has been awaiting endorsement by the Judiciary since for the last five years.

Meanwhile, Iranian Parliament (Majles) Speaker at a joint meeting with Judiciary officials on Sunday May 12 called for prompt action on the part of the Judiciary as Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was, in his words, "sensitive" about the matter.

Speaking at the meeting Raeesi said "Today, many forms of violence against women are imposed by the West," adding that measures must be taken to prevent violence against women.

As an example of violence against women, Raeesi said some airlines force their female employees to stay single or not to have children if they are married.

A deputy Judiciary chief has charged that the bill prepared by the Majles is "too sexist," adding that it calls for imprisonment of the husband even as a result of slightest tensions between a couple.

Cases of domestic violence, including child abuse have been on the rise in Iran in recent years. Iran has been criticized by human rights watchdogs several times during the past 40 years for discrimination against women.