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Armed Attackers Reportedly Ambush Prison Bus In Iran

Screen grab - Prison bus reportedly attacked by armed men. May 30, 2020

Reports and videos on Iranian social media accounts say an armed attack on a prison minibus in southern Iran on Saturday resulted in several prisoners being set free by the assailants.

An Iranian news website, Rokna and several social media accounts published short videos of the incident near Minab in Hormozgan province, showing attackers using tools to break into an armored prison minibus.

Unconfirmed accounts of the incident say three cars were involved in the attack. Occupants of these cars apparently opened fire on the minibus, which is seen in the videos to have gone off the road.

Radio Farda cannot independently verify the videos or the details of the incident.

It is not clear if any persons, including guards in the minibus were injured but the attackers whose affiliation remains unknown are seen trying to pry the doors open.

One report says security forces have closed off roads in the area in an attempt to apprehend those involved.

Armed attacks on Iranian police or security forces take place in western or eastern regions where Kurdish or Sunni Baluchi insurgents operate.

Although Minab is in south-central Iran but it is not too far from the eastern Sistan and Baluchistan province where Sunni insurgents and smugglers operate. It is not clear if this attack is linked to armed opponents or was carried out by criminals.

Video showing a prison bus stopped off the road.