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Another Activist Asking For Khamenei's Resignation Arrested In Iran

Iranian activist Narges Mansoori, a signatory of a letter asking for Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's resignation.

In the clampdown against dissidents in Iran, another activist who signed a letter asking for Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to resign, has been arrested.

Last week, a group of 14 female activists issued a statement demanding equal rights for women and asking for Khamenei to step down and pave the way for a new constitution.

Earlier a group of fourteen male dissidents had signed a similar statement and some signatories of both statements have been arrested.

The sister of one of those detained told Radio Farda on Monday that Narges Mansoori, another signatory has also been arrested in Tehran. The source also said she has heard about other arrests in Tehran, but she does not more information yet.

On Sunday, August 11 a group of ten well-known activists were detained in the northeastern city of Mashhad and it is still not clear which security organ made the arrests and where they are being kept.

Another report from Tehran on Sunday said 8,700 people have written to President Hassan Rouhani asking him to help end the house arrest of three prominent opposition leaders, confined too their homes since 2011.