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Adviser Says Iran Guards May Sink U.S. Ships Using 'Two Top Secret Weapons'

Morteza Qorbani, IRGC adviser. File photo

An adviser to the commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guard says Iran has two new "top secret weapons" and may use them to sink U.S. warships "with everything and everyone on board."

"In case of the smallest foolish act by the enemy in the Persian Gulf waters, the enemies will find out what we will do to them," Morteza Qorbani (Ghorbani), identified by the Iranian Judiciary's Mizan news agency as senior adviser to the commander-in-chief of IRGC, said in an interview with the agency on Saturday May 25.

Qorbani said “the Americans should not play these games” with us that they bring two ships to the region and added, "We have two new top secret weapons that can sink U.S. ships if U.S. forces do any foolish act."

He did not elaborate on the type of weapons, but Western officials have been criticizing Iran for its missile programs during the past few years.

Washington has deployed USS Abraham Lincoln carrier task force and bombers to its forces in the Persian Gulf region and on May 24 announced the deployment of another 1,500 troops.

The threat by Qorbani contradicts a recent statement by a deputy commander of the Iranian army who said a war in the Persian Gulf was "absolutely unlikely."

IRGC's statements usually come via the Guards' own news agencies Tasnim and Fars. Mizan news agency has not been observed to be used by IRGC as a tool for their messaging. However, this is the first time an IRGC official speaks about "new top secret weapons."