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A Village In The Oil-Rich Khuzestan Abandoned With COVID-19 Claims MP

Iran--Parliament member Hedayatullah Khademi
Iran--Parliament member Hedayatullah Khademi

A former member of the Iranian parliament, Hedayatullah Khademi, says that all residents of a village in the oil-rich province of Khuzestan in southwest Iran have been infected with the coronavirus.

Allegedly, no medical treatment or measures have been taken by the Iranian government institutions for the villagers.

Khademi, a member of the 10th parliament from Izeh, posted the news on his Twitter page, writing, "All the people of a village in Izeh have been abandoned helpless, struggling with the novel coronavirus."

Khademi also reported the death of several members of a single family from COVID-19 in the village.

Lambasting the Ministry of Health and the Governor of Khuzestan for their apathy and inertia, Khademi noted that no medical management exists in the province.

Khuzestan province has long been declared one of the "red zones" in terms of the severity of the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier, on Thursday, October 1, the "Corona Management Headquarters" in Khuzestan had warned that something "ominous" was evolving in the province.

The spokesman for the Corona Management Headquarters, Reza Nejati, blamed the outbreak of the coronavirus in Khuzestan on people's "lack of care and non-compliance with the rules."

On Sunday, the adviser to the Iranian Minister of Health and Medical Education on health affairs, Mohammad Assaei Ardakani, admitted that hospitals and medical staff's capacity to care for COVID-19 patients was limited.

In an interview with the government's official news agency, IRNA, Ardakani added that vacations, travel, and summer gatherings played a pivotal role in increasing the number of cases and deaths related to Covid-19 across Iran.

According to him, these factors raised the country's relevant statistics, and a large number of people, including teachers and students, died.

Per Ardakani, the number of deaths per day from the disease had dropped to a daily total of 30, before spiking again to more than 200, which is highly alarming for Iranian citizens and officials alike.