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A Notorious 'Thug' Who Fought In Syria Attacked And Stabbed In Iran

Hani Kordeh, a tough guy described as a "thug" by Iran media fighting in Syria. Undated
Hani Kordeh, a tough guy described as a "thug" by Iran media fighting in Syria. Undated

A group of unidentified young men on motorbikes attacked and stabbed one of the most notorious “thugs” in the Iranian capital city Tehran, media in Iran has reported.

It is still not known whether the victim, alias Hani Kordeh (Hani the Kurd), has survived the attack or not.

Reports note that despite being jailed for sixteen years, Hani Kordeh has had a cordial relationship with several Islamic Republic officials and has attend religious ceremonies sponsored by them.

It is also said that Hani Kordeh has served in Syria among Iranian forces fighting alongside forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Hani Kordeh, with 229,000 followers on Instagram, has proudly published videos on his page, showing him fighting in war-torn Syria.

"On Monday evening, Hani Kordeh and one of his companions parked their white Peugeot in front of a juice bar in Tehran's Shapour district when six young men riding motorbikes attacked him and his friend with machetes and knives," the chief of police station 112, told reporters on Wednesday, December 25.

"Field investigations show that the hoodlum, along with his companion, had attended a birthday party last Sunday. After a verbal dispute with other guests, they set a time in a Tehran neighborhood to settle scores," the police chief said, adding, "However, since the adversaries did not appear at the required time, the thug and his friend left the district for the juice bar in Shapour district."

There, the unidentified assailants stabbed Hani Kordeh in the head, stomach, and neck. It nearly took twelve hours for the surgeons to save the injured.

"They are in stable condition, and investigation for capturing the assailant is underway," the police chief said. Earlier reports had noted that Hani Kordeh died of his wounds.

Later, the IRGC-linked Fars news agency denied his death, saying, "Hani Kordeh is still struggling to stay alive. His mother, father, brother, and senior hooligans of Tehran have gathered outside the ICU, praying for Hani Kordeh's health."

Meanwhile, reports say that Hani Kordeh was stabbed for his role in killing a thug, Vahid Moradi in prison.

On July 2, 2018, Moradi was murdered during a gang fight in ward 1 of Rajai Shahr Prison. At the time, unconfirmed reports were noting that Hani Kordeh was behind the murder.