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A Member Of Iran's Parliament Resigns In Protest, Others Might Follow

Mohammad Qaseem Osmani representing Bukan, West Azerbaijan has resigned from parliament. File photo

Iranian news agencies on Sunday reported the resignation of a member of parliament, Mohammad Qaseem Osmani, representative of Bukan, following a decision to raise fuel prices, which has led to widespread and bloody protests in the country.

Mr. Osmani in a speech before the official session of parliament Sunday protested the decision of the Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani to vote with the president and the head of Judiciary to raise prices, without parliament having a say in it.

He told lawmakers that “If the Speaker of Parliament is supposed to express his opinion at not to members but at other centers of decision making, then our representation role is useless”.

Moreover, A news website, Etemad Online has reported that other lawmakers have also prepared their resignations.

The decision to raise fuel prices was made by the heads of the three branches of the government, in a special committee formed by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei last year to tackle the economic crisis triggered by tough U.S. sanctions.

Parliament had earlier discussed the price rise on several occasions but every time it had been rejected.

Another lawmaker and an outspoken critic of Iran’s hardliners, Mahmoud Sadeghi also announced early Sunday his intention to resign from the parliament.