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55 Arrested At A Mixed-Gender Party In Kerman

“A major gang in charge of throwing night parties has been disbanded and 55 men and women have been arrested at a mixed-gender feast related to it, in Kerman, southeast of Iran.”, Revolutionary and General Court Prosecutor of the city, Dadkhoda Salari, announced.

Quoting the prosecutor, Iran Students News Agency, ISNA, reported on Sunday, May 7, 2017: “The detainees were binging alcohol, prancing, jigging and dancing together, when arrested.”

Kerman police force kept some of the members of the gang under secret observation and discovered the location where the mixed-gender parties were held, Said Mr. Salari. “Then, the police force stormed the place and confiscated nineteen luxury and expensive cars, two heavy motorbikes, ten liters (33.81 oz) of alcoholic drinks and other criminal accessories.”

Mr. Salari did not elaborate on the nature of the ‘other accessories’.

The place has been sealed off, reported ISNA.

Meanwhile, Kerman Prosecutor warned: “the Westernized people and ‘followers of the perverted Western culture’ will not be allowed to deface the pious countenance of Kerman by committing criminal acts.”

Last week, city of Qom’s Prosecutor General also reported of the police forces storming a night party held in a furniture workshop and arresting 45 men and women.

As a rule, the judiciary describes the detainees as elements of corruption, prostitution, illegal and outside marriage sex relations, perversion and alcohol drinking.

Storming the mixed-gender parties have recently extended to the wedding and birthday parties, all over Iran.

A dual American-Iranian citizen and his wife have been sentenced to death by an Iranian court after being convicted of founding a “cult” and “holding mixed parties” that involved serving alcohol, the Financial Times reported March 13, 2017.