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Tehran City Council In Limbo After District Mayor Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Mohsen Hashemi, Chairman of Tehran City Council, and Mojtaba Rahmanzadeh, Mayor of District 13 of Tehran who has been diagnosed with coronavirus speaking at a meeting of the Council on February 18.

The meetings of Tehran City Council may be cancelled after the mayor of one Tehran's 22 districts was diagnosed with coronavirus on Saturday.

The Mayor of District 13 of Tehran, Mojtaba Rahmanzadeh, already had meetings with several officials, including the Chairman of the Council Mohsen Hashemi, in the past few days before testing positive for the virus.

In a tweet on Saturday Hashemi said he was staying home and was going to go to hospital to be tested although he does not have any symptoms of coronavirus infection. Other members of the Council will also be tested for the virus, he said in his tweet.

Hashemi also told Aftab News that the district mayor has tested positive in three out of the four tests taken from him. According to the report, fearing the spread of the virus Hashemi has asked the presiding board of the Council to decide whether or not to hold the Council's next meetings.

Hashemi also told Aftab News that in his meeting with Rahmanzadeh on Tuesday the mayor who was wearing a mask told him he had had flue symptoms since the of the anniversary of the revolution marked by rallies on February 11.

Some Iranian social media users have pointed out that Hashemi had hugged Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif and some other high officials yesterday when casting his vote in the parliamentary elections and Zarif had meetings with other officials including the Dutch Foreign Minister after voting.