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NCTC Director Warns Of Hezbollah Threat To U.S

Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Nicholas Rasmussen September 27, 2017. REUTERS/

In a briefing held on the 10th of October in Washington D.C the National Counter-terrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen told reporters that "we in the intelligence community do in fact see continued activity on behalf of Hezbollah here inside the homeland."

During this briefing the State Department also offered a $7 million award for information that would lead to the arrest of Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon Talal Hamiyah and a $5 million award for Fuad Shukr.
NCTC Director Rasmussen also said accused the Hezbollah of " laying the ground work for attacks in places like Azerbaijan Egypt, Thailand, Cyprus and Peru."

Nathan Sales, the U.S. counter-terrorism coordinator also asked countries around the world to sanction Hezbollah and applauded countries that have already done so. Sales also noted that "some countries have chosen to designate only Hezbollah’s military wing, leaving its so-called political wing untouched."

Sales also stressed, "Today's rewards are another step to increase the pressure on them and their organization,"

Lebanese Hezbollah has been designated as a terrorist group for 20 years. The United States holds the organization responsible for the 1983 U.S Embassy bombing in Beirut and the Marines' barracks bombing in October of the same year.

Hezbollah is also heavily involved in Lebanese politics, and has played a major battlefield role in Syria defending Bashar al Assad's regime against opponents and rebels.

Watch the full briefing here:

Special briefing State Department Briefing on Hezbollah
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