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One Arrested In Iran For Boycotting Election

An unidentified person has been arrested in Zarrin Shahrr, in the central province of Isfahan, allegedly for promoting "monarchy" and calling for a boycott of the presidential election.

Ahmad Khosravi-Wafa, Chief Justice in the province, announced the arrest of an unnamed person accused of pro-monarchy activities on Social Media; reported ‘Mizan’ News Agency.

“Discrediting regime officials, smearing the system’s general policies and boycotting the election are the crimes committed by the detainee.”, Khosravi-Wafa is quoted saying.

This is the first reported arrest of a citizen advocating a boycott in this presidential election.

The presidential election is scheduled for May 19 and, once again, there’s a heated debate going on in Social Media over whether to vote or boycott the election altogether.

Meanwhile, two Telegram channel admins, active in defending workers' and child labor rights, have also been arrested. “There’s no news concerning the whereabouts of Hiwa Keyani and Mehdi Salahi who were detained on April 2 in the city of Mahabad, West Azarbaijan Province.”, Center for Human Rights in Iran reported.

Center for Human Rights in Iran (formerly known as International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran) is a non-governmental organization that works to bring international attention on what it views as the Iranian government’s repression of human rights and civil liberties in Iran. CHRI is based in New York, U.S.A.